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1st major project

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 11 years ago

I will grade this on an A-F scale, taking into account not only completeness but the quality of your blog, 2 short projects, and commentary on other's projects. The project is 25% of your final grade.


That's right: use the week ahead to look at group-member's projects out of class and, when we have time, during class. Leave them feedback about more than grammar (though that is welcome).  Focus on focus and the claim/support issues that our texts have discussed.


Project Checklist: I will assess your final project grades accordingly.


  • Two Short Projects: on their own pages, not lumped into your blog.
  • Short Project One (Audience): Post any responses you got from your audience, and note if they did not respond on time.
  • Short Project Two (Ansel Adams & Visual Analysis): re-check the assignment page. Does your project follow the guidelines for the option you picked?
  • Linking: Each page needs a link back to your blog and main pages.
  • Blog: Did you do all of your entries done?
  • Comp Book: Same as the blog.
  • Spelling and Grammar: I'm gentle on spelling here because of the lack of spellcheck, but you should copy/paste the text into Word to check your spelling before you move ahead.
  • DID YOU READ EVERYTHING ALOUD, then make corrections?


When you get your project grade, I'll also try to give you a "ballpark" idea of participation, based upon your blog, comp book, and participation in class and in Second Life.

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Joe Essid said

at 7:20 pm on Sep 28, 2008

Thank you for the proofreading, Bridget!

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