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Analyzing Baron

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 10 years, 10 months ago

Your Tasks: 


Baron establishes a theoretical frame for seeing how communications technologies evolve in stages.


You'll now complete a counterpart of our earlier Scavenger Hunt with sources, not virtual places, in order to look for patterns. In your wiki assignment (at least 800 words):


  • Locate ONE of Baron's sources in our library.  I want you to actually GET the source in your hands.  Don't check it out, if it's a book, so others can find it.  Then do these things: 


  1. What is the author's focus?
  2. Why do you think Baron included this source?  If it provided him evidence, what sort?  If something else, what and why?
  3. Locate one of that source's sources.  Repeat step 1, then...
  4. Note if either source (Baron's direct source or its source) complicate any of Baron's claims. If so, how so? If not, how do they lend support to Baron's ideas?


Three Formating Mandates:


First, type draft and revisions in the wiki, not Word. Save the work FREQUENTLY by hitting the "save" button at the bottom. I will dock wiki projects that have double-spacing, paragraph indents, and mixed fonts like this entry here. This can happen when you copy/paste from Word. Use these pages, not Word's directives, as your guide for what a project should look like, or I will reduce the next project grade. Note that you can do a  copy/paste TO Word to check your word-count.


Second, use the Wiki's spell-checker, the "abc" with checkmark at top.  Note that Control + Click will pull up suggestions for underlined words. I click it several times when composing, since it does not update as you type new words. Sometimes neither the wiki nor Word get this right, as when the wiki flags "online" for this page. Use a dictionary to double-check your entries. 


Third, do not neglect a "back to home" button on every wiki page.  I don't have them here for the class wiki, because I'm the only author. In your wikis, however, you all share the space.


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