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Build It!

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Iggy builds his house in SL

Iggy builds his house in SL


The Build-It project will challenge you on several levels. It takes the place of a final exam in my 103 section and in terms of grading, it is part of the 25% that counts toward participation. Each Build-It will have several parts:


Individual work for EACH member of the group:

  • A photograph from Second Life that sums up, visually, a claim that you feel most confident making after one semester in-world.  It should be a “representative example” of the sort discussed in Writing Analytically, pages 127-131.
  • A 500 word wiki entry (on its own page, so it can be linked to easily from in-world) by each participant detailing his or her role in the project and the following: 

--What is the one claim you feel most confident making about Second Life?  Why?

--Provide 10 observations about your image and its connection to some aspect of SL (again, consult your text’s pages 127-131 here). 


Group work:

The photo gallery is only one part of Build-It. I’ve begun construction on a building that your groups will share.  All I’ve made is a shell. Your group will divide up the following tasks and let me know who is doing what (or sharing which roles): 


--Head Architect (who will make final decisions for most of the building)

--Group Archivist (who will write about design decisions at the group’s page)

--Project Manager (who will make sure other group members are doing their jobs, fine-tune the interior design of the space your group shares, and write a regularly updated project log at the group’s page).


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