For the meeting of our constituent group on Oct. 29, I've combined lines of discussion for clarity and eliminated many personal remarks and yes/no replies, unless they clarify a remark. I've also added links to URLs in the transcript (all will open in new tabs or windows).


Sheila Yoshikawa presents & to her left, CDB Barkley


Volunteers and Guest Speakers for the EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds CG Meeting

On-Site Moderator: AJ Brooks

On-Site Coordinator: Fleep Tuque

In-world Coordinator: Ignatius Onomatopoeia

On-Site CoveritLive live blogger: Elisabeth Greenwood

Faux Griefer: Jezzabel Dastardly


Guest Speakers

Other VWs: Aaron Walsh (MediaGridAaron Oh) ImmersiveEducation/Mediagrid

Instructor Use-Case Scenarios: Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa), Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Studies at the University of Sheffield in the UK

Instructor Use-Case Scenarios: Ida Jones (Ida Recreant), Professor of Business Law in the Craig School of Business at California State University, Fresno

Orientation Experience: Christie Thomas (Corinne Fleury) - ISTE representative on the Linden Lab Educator Pilot Program and Alan Levine (CDB Barkley) - NMC Orientation Island

In world Resources: Lori Bell (Lorelei Junot) - Info Islands


Other Guests at the Speakers' Table

 John Lester (Pathfinder Linden),  Sarah Robbins-Bell (Intellagirl Tully)


On-Site Volunteers
In-World Volunteers
JeanClaude Vollmar / Jeffrey Le Blanc Skagen Vita
Computer Jewell / Angela Ambrosia Kayako Mayako
Annette Philbin/ Phyllis Conroy Robby Kowalski
  Zotarah Shepherd
  Tuxedo Ninetails
  Aerdna Beaumont



Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I want to welcome all those who have arrived early


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: if you will have a seat in the amphitheater


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: an event volunteer can help you with any issues about hearing our speakers


Fleep Torok: Iggy can you send folks the video URL if they have trouble.. thanks JoannaTrail Blazer: This can be run externally if it does not run in SL folks


CDB Barkley: remember that EDUCAUSE CIO thing we did a few years ago? That was over the top


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: volunteers, be sure to ask our guests to de-bling


Intellagirl Tully: LOL...oh the good ol days


CDB Barkley: none of our avatars have aged


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I grew hair since last year


Ignatius Onomatopoeia shouts: To everyone here....we'll begin in a moment! meanwhile, be sure your mics are muted unless you are a speaker at the front table


Ignatius Onomatopoeia shouts: I'm Joe Essid, University of Richmond, and I want to welcome all of you to Virtual Worlds Constituent Group!


Ignatius Onomatopoeia shouts: If you have difficulties today, look for any volunteer to assist you :)



[AJ Brooks begins the session in Orlando--screen capture shown]


Quincy Kappler: I hear AJ


Quincy Kappler: clap, clap


JoannaTrail Blazer: ***Wewtwewt ***


Zotarah Shepherd: Yay!!!


Ignatius Onomatopoeia shouts: If you have trouble seeing the video stream, point your Web broswer to this URL: [no longer live]


[AJ Thanks Iggy and Fleep for arranging the in-world end of this event—but AJ did a huge part of this as well]


Corwin Carillon: thanks Fleep and Iggy!


Sheila Yoshikawa: can people in RL see us in SL?


CDB Barkley: see Gary Hayes vworld tour


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: our presentation is streamed to Orlando


Juice Gyoza: the camera in-world is on them


MediaGridAaron Oh: The Immersive Education Initiative is an international collaboration of universities, colleges, research institutes, consortia and companies that are working together to define and develop open standards, best practices, platforms, and communities of support for virtual reality and game-based learning and training systems. Hundreds of faculty, researchers, staff, administrators and students are members of the Immersive Education Initiative, which is growing at the rate of approximately 2 new members every day.


MediaGridAaron Oh: Initiative members have early access to the Education Grid, where they can conduct classes and meetings within a growing collection of virtual worlds. Initiative members can also use the Education Grid to build custom virtual learning worlds, simulations, and learning games.


MediaGridAaron Oh: The Immersive Education Platform Ecosystem presently consists of Sun's Project Wonderland, Second Life and its descendants (e.g., realXtend, OpenSim, etc), and Croquet/Cobalt. New platforms will be added to the ecosystem over time, including learning games and simulators.


Intellagirl Tully: /if you put a slash in front of your typing you won't make the typing sound when you comment


Group presentation image one


Intellagirl Tully claps for Aaron!!


Angie Caproni: thanks [more applause and thanks from the crowd]


hop Haystack: yes I live to know other virtual worlds


MediaGridAaron Oh: shall I address that question?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Q was convergence of virtual worlds like SL and others that do not have content creation by participants


CDB Barkley: client vs sever


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: panelists?


JoannaTrail Blazer: Different platforms have different strengths, weaknesses...affordances...


JoannaTrail Blazer: depends on your learning objectives


MediaGridAaron Oh: They are converging in terms of technical capabilities.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: convergence will be tough unless participants can create content in another world


Sheila Yoshikawa: agree with Joanna, I don't think that there has to be ONE platform, different worlds for different purposes


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: and content can port between them


CDB Barkley: Why do they need to converge?


MediaGridAaron Oh: Games are presently leading-edge computer graphics and self-directed exploration, where today's virtual worlds are being improved with such features.


Corwin Carillon: convergeg vs portability of avatar/identity across spaces?


Sheila Yoshikawa: actually I think I've seen a good deal of talk about use of games


Juice Gyoza: He wants to know why educators are more focused on second life and not online games


[Intellagirl Tully mentions her research into 150 virtual worlds and games]


CDB Barkley: she has a lot of avs


Sheila Yoshikawa: especially as preparation for certain types of career


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL 3rd life?


MediaGridAaron Oh: In the Immersive Education Initiative we have both commercial video game companies and virtual world companies working together toward convergence for education.


Quincy Kappler: some of that is the seriousness you want to project to others.


Juice Gyoza: i like the idea that based on your pedagogical need, you will chose which technology, which virtual world, which online game to use


MediaGridAaron Oh: For one example of the convergence areas we're actively pursuing I'd recommend a quick review of the Open File Formats Technology Working Group (OFF.TWG) online at


Kev Juno: well for one thing I am able to attend this session ...


Quincy Kappler: Well we can participate in this session.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: question is....usefulness of the virtual environment


Ida Recreant: I think there are lots of areas where you cannot use virtual worlds--it depends on what you want to accomplish pedagogically.


Marc Rexen: Presence and social connection, it's very strong within SL, shared voice, human-looking AV's, and shared experiences. Folks can, and do, fall in love and end up married via SL.


Kev Juno: Virtual environments allow good simulations, not just broadcasting video


CDB Barkley: experience environments not possible because of location, access in real life


Kev Juno: PADI has virtual diver training for example


CDB Barkley: interact with wide network, in real time


Ida Recreant: Yes, good simulations kev . . I agree


Robby Kowalski: usefulness is based on ability to bridge distance. How else could people from all over the world interact together without massive increases to the travel budget?


Grinn Pidgeon: perform collaborative problem solving


CDB Barkley: To be honest, the question of the value of virtual worlds is hard to see from the outside looking in


Ida Recreant: Yes, Grinn


mOOn Jaecies: WORLD VIEW experiences for students


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: CDB is really have to be there or at least be shown an event or activity


Grinn Pidgeon: yes. it's very disorienting


Marc Rexen: Agreed.


Wendi Wezzog: just attended an Educause session - Teaching Nurse Anesthesia in a Second Life Operating Room Simulation - which helps answer this question


Lorelei Junot: We find if we give a naysayer who has never been in a virtual world a tour of what is going on in here that they then become more positive


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: AJ is talking about the virtual hallucinations site < >


Profdan Netizen: /yes, it's very disturbing!


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: a powerful and disturbing experience and hard to do in RL unless you have schizophrenia!


Kev Juno: Wendi, can you send me the LM for the operating room?


Juice Gyoza: does anyone have the SLURL handy of the anesthesia site


JoannaTrail Blazer: or how about flying into a large human cell, and seeing all the intercellular bodies


SuperTony Spyker: I'm doing a media comparison study working with early childhood educators working in a virtual world vs using chat only tools


JoannaTrail Blazer: loads of things you can do in a virtual environment that are impossible, or costly or difficult in first life/physical world


Wendi Wezzog: my notes from the session are available at


JoannaTrail Blazer: thanks Wendi (and many others)


[Ida had difficulty with her voice connection, but she had the teacher’s all-important Plan B ready, and shared her remarks in text-chat after Corinne spoke]


CDB Barkley: someone tell a joke


Quincy Kappler: lol


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: two avatars walk into a bar. . .


TheAvatar Zanzibar: lol


JoannaTrail Blazer: oh I have so many jokes..


panelists at the speakers' table


[We got back on track with a question about the NWC and membership]


CDB Barkley:


Robin Mochi: / so would NMC be for higher ed and ISTE orientation for k-12?


Corinne Fleury: A direct url:


Ida Recreant: I chose the theme of my 2 minutes, "VirtualSlaw: Legal Issues in Second Life" to create an analogy to the salad coleslaw. Coleslaw is made from various disparate ingredients including cabbage, mayonnaise, carrots, etc. depending on your recipe. This analysis relates to my very eclectic teaching style that is reflected in several different educational projects that I have developed and assessed on SL. Today, I will focus on one, one I consider the cabbage of the coleslaw.


Ida Recreant: Identifying legal issues and using the law (and ethical principles) to help businesses make profits in a responsible way is one of goals of my courses. To help accomplish this in my sports marketing law class, I have created a scenario where student teams are responsible for developing a marketing plan for a fictional local soccer team. This plan requires that students develop a component for marketing in SL.


Ida Recreant: As part of their plans students must specifically isolate, discuss and develop remedies for legal issues that naturally arise in the context of their plan and SL. Students have developed creative plans that tap into SL's international and social networking aspects. For example, plans have included creating a fan ownership program where fans own shares of the team, creation and development of a fan clubhouse, broadcasting games into SL and creation virtual soccer team avatars to play games on SL, while identifying the legal implications of their plans. Their projects have been creative and well considered. In the assessment, I review their plans to determine how creative they are, how the plans take advantage of virtual worlds (i.e. what they could do in VWs that they could not do in RL) and whether they identify RL legal issues and also unique aspects of legal issues that arise in VEs.


JoannaTrail Blazer [and others]: thank you Ida


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Ida, those are important issues...I wonder about IP from RL in SL now


Ida Recreant: /Yes, and that's what I want students to think about


Grinn Pidgeon: in what ways are student projects assessed?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: it will be a huge issue for RL companies soon


Grinn Pidgeon: yes


Ida Recreant: Grinn is that for me?


Ida Recreant: I assess the students based on their identification of legal issues, identifying especially those that relate to virtual worlds


Ida Recreant: I also look at creativity and whether the students are doing things that cannot be done in RL


Ida Recreant: Iggy, that is so true for RL companies


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: they come to VWs thinking of RL IP procedures


[several in-world members note, in voice, the residence-hall project at Montclair]


Robby Kowalski: I was wondering who decorated those rooms!


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: not me!


Robin Mochi: yes, I saw those and they are great!


Sheila Yoshikawa: North Lamar gets his students to decorate dorm room in class - to tell a story about their lives


Sheila Yoshikawa: also very interesting


[In Orlando, a participant describes medical training using virtual facilities, including an Intensive Care Unit]


hop Haystack: is anyone know who is talking in SL?


Wendi Wezzog: the medical sim is not open to the public - students only


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: speaker in Orlando is talking about medical simulations in SL


Ida Recreant: /iggy yes, they do think of RL and VEs are very different


Robby Kowalski: Hop: no one. the speaker is in Orlando.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: builds teamwork as in RL medical practice


hop Haystack: oh, i see...I’d like to speak with him :)


Ida Recreant: /will the speaker give us his SLURL


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: They built an ICU


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: hold on I'll try to get it from AJ


Sheila Yoshikawa: there are medical sims open - I think the Imperial College London has an open medical sim


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Boise State Univ


Wendi Wezzog: oh, i'm sorry i was referring to the nursing presentation i went to earlier


Zil Jewell: /I' working on a grant to set up a virtual career exploration environment for high schoolers in allied health.


Zil Jewell: any one done anything like that?


CDB Barkley: Aoetora


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Long White Cloud is the Island name


Wendi Wezzog: long white cloud


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Comes up in Map


CDB Barkley: Meteora


Corwin Carillon:


Quincy Kappler: any have SLURL for Sistine Chapel


CDB Barkley: Sorry have to bug out for an appointment, by AJ and everyone in Orlando


Robby Kowalski: Holy City. Recreation of Temple in Jerusalem with tour notes.


Corwin Carillon:


Ignatius Onomatopoeia:


Lorelei Junot: Stop by Info ISland International - we have 80 hours of live reference service a week - students can ask real life reference questions or questions about second life


Lorelei Junot: we love to work with students and educators - please look to us to provide tours and library orientation as you do your library on a real life campus


Lorelei Junot: we will even create collections that work with your topic


Lorelei Junot: one is healthinfo island with a medical library and a consumer health library


Lorelei Junot: we just got a grant to create an aids information/resource center


Robby Kowalski: Should we all type our locations to prove the point? [many of us did so]


Lorelei Junot: we also have historically themed sims like Land of Lincoln, [or] Renaissance Island where you can experience events of the time


Lorelei Junot: you can even meet Henry VIII or Abraham Lincoln


Lorelei Junot: we have immersive events and resources woven into the experience


Lorelei Junot: stop by ICT Library on info island


Lorelei Junot: if you have any questions contact a librarian


Lorelei Junot: we would love to work with you and help provide resources for your class


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Lorelei, librarians are so important to SL


Zotarah Shepherd: TNC also lots of freebies for educators.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I was wowwed by ICT when I first rezzed in SL


Corwin Carillon: NMC has lots of free buildings too


Lorelei Junot: we also have a new island called bradburyville with resources and experiences of Ray Bradbury writings


Lorelei Junot: a walk in book


Lorelei Junot: and a carnival from Something Wicked This Way Comes


Birdie Newcomb: Liri did it by text


Pathfinder Linden: librarians have consistently been a driving force in SL in terms of pioneering. definitely.


Corwin Carillon: Learning sim


AJ Brooks: Clever Zebra for some great freebie stuff


Lorelei Junot: not all of our group are librarians - many of them are residents, educators, etc.


Corwin Carillon:


Lorelei Junot: Garnter group says by 2011 80 percent of internet users will be in virtual worlds


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I find that IRL librarians are the "kingpin" for any meaningful research or teaching...or "queenpin"


Lorelei Junot: come see us - we would love to work with you


Ida Recreant: Iggy I agree and we have a couple of librarians at our school involved


Ignatius Onomatopoeia married a librarian IRL :)


Lorelei Junot: good choice Ignatius :)


Katherine Kessel: My kids use all most all of those VWs. most visited by son.


Robby Kowalski married a physicist who did work-study in the library.


Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, a colleague is doing research into young schoolchildren's use of club penguin - she think this gen will grow into people expecting to use virtual worlds


Kev Juno: Many students pick and choose not only institutions, but different classes in different institutions via online education.


Robby Kowalski: As we mold parcels into recruiting sites, we'll see more.


Profdan Netizen: /Anyone who watches the Office knows about SL.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Lorelei, how do you think the library profession feels about SL now?


Birdie Newcomb: What other worlds are used for education?


Robby Kowalski: Playing? this is work! :)


Lorelei Junot: Ignatius, there are very enthusiastic librarians, and some are negative, but most of them have not tried virtual worlds


Katherine Kessel: I see all as true in the library I work and at home with kids and their friends.


TheAvatar Zanzibar: how does he know who wants to ask a question?


Lorelei Junot: does that answer your question Ignatius? [it did]


Quincy Kappler: did the video stop?


TheAvatar Zanzibar: do they raise their hands?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: my wife is a K-5 librarian, so they are not even ready for teen grid


Lorelei Junot: Right now, Second Life is ahead of the other virtual worlds


Robin Mochi: / yes, librarians who actually give SL a serious try begin to understand the value quickly...and they become very excited about the possibilities


Lorelei Junot: we have looked at other virtual worlds and would like to get something for kids going in whyville - we have been successful in getting some grant funding for second life, but not for whyville yet


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: box on head = big fun for my students


Lorelei Junot: if naysayer librarians will come in and take a tour, we can turn about 80 percent into positive about virtual worlds


Sheila Yoshikawa: pumpkin on the foot at the moment


Lorelei Junot: most of the naysayers have not even tried it


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I agree Lorelei


Sheila Yoshikawa: we were doing Halloween trails


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: to see it seriously makes folks understand

Lorelei Junot: if they come in world they see very quickly what the possibilities are and what we are excited about


Zil Jewell: /how does one go about getting an entire classroom access to SL using the college ip address?


Lorelei Junot: Robin Mochi, is a librarian and she says the same thing here


Katherine Kessel: I was very negative about SL at first but realizing my own children were using VWs, have changed my outlook.


Lorelei Junot: Sheila, do you find the same is true?


Sheila Yoshikawa: sorry Lorelei - same as what?


Lorelei Junot: do you find if you bring the library naysayers in world that they change their negative outlook


Katherine Kessel: I was also recruited for SL project for college library.


Robby Kowalski: Mine is more of a statement than a question. Don't forget to drag your Student Services folks into SL too.


Lorelei Junot: Katherine great


Lorelei Junot: join us on info island too :)


Corwin Carillon:


Sheila Yoshikawa: the best thing is getting people together in-world, trying things out, laughing together to get through the box on head stage


Sheila Yoshikawa: actually trying it themselves


Ida Recreant: I agree Sheila


Robby Kowalski: no travel budget anymore


Lorelei Junot: we are also offering conferences in second life called stepping into literature in virtual worlds or stepping into health in virtual worlds to help people realize what is possible and what is happening in virtual worlds


Sheila Yoshikawa: then that converts more people


Katherine Kessel: Lorelei, how do I get involved?


Lorelei Junot: yes, people can then see the "fun factor" and how important that is in learning


Ida Recreant: or bar association presentation through the SL bar association


Sheila Yoshikawa: the next best thing is a meeting where people get genial and sociable with a few glasses of wine and THEN see a demo of SL ;-)


Juice Gyoza: Lorelei -- where are these conferences? When?


[Orlando session ends, but we remain in-world for more Q&A]


Elen Rau [and others]: thanks very much


[Pathfinder Linden has been patiently watching us talk, and I asked him to add his comments on the panelists’ remarks]


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: any questions for the panel here?


Pathfinder Linden: one thing I've seen growing that is very complementary to education is the healthcare segment in SL


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: yes..the medical discussion here was really interesting I thought


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: a good use of in-world simulation


MediaGridAaron Oh: We'd welcome those here to join us at the Immersive Education Initiative and look forward to future collaborations. Regards, Aaron


Pathfinder Linden: that community has been doing a great job of self-organizing and centralizing resources online so folks can learn what other ppl are doing. great wiki here:


Abronia Mubble: I'd like to know where Pathfinder got that wonderful hat.


mOOn Jaecies: pathfinder - where would recommend sending a healthcare student or faculty for their very first intro to SL today?


Zil Jewell: The question I have is about having an entire class access SL at one time using the college IP address.


Pathfinder Linden: Abronia, a Resident made it


Pathfinder Linden: mOOn, I would send them to that wiki :)


Abronia Mubble: :)


Iggy O and Pathfinder Linden


Sidey Myoo: Thank You, it was interesting and important, we have many for to do, here in our world:)

mOOn Jaecies: in world?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia shouts: Oh yes...a literal shout-out to our volunteers today! Thank you folks!


Pathfinder Linden: the SLHealthy wiki indexes not just regions but also groups that are doing great things around healthcare


mOOn Jaecies: ahhh = thanks


Pathfinder Linden: mOOn, I would have to know more about the person's goals before I could suggest a specific place for them to visit


Sheila Yoshikawa: yes thanks to the volunteers


Sidey Myoo: isn't kind of reality, tread as a world?:)


Profdan Netizen: AJ, are there any writing/comp faculty groups in SL?


Pathfinder Linden: in general, HealthInfo Island would be a good place to start, in my opinion, for generalists


Abronia Mubble: thanks all....this was very interesting!


Elen Rau: thanks pathfinder, good resource


Pathfinder Linden: HealthInfo Island is doing a great job of collecting lots of info about various healthcare/edu projects. which is not surprising, since it is organized by librarians who rock at that kind of thing. :)


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: If no one posted it, there is the SL education wiki with tons of sites in-world < >


Pathfinder Linden: so between and you should be all set. :)


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Pathfinder, did you post your Delicious bookmarks?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: they are good ones


Pathfinder Linden: the SLED Blog is great for edu too


mOOn Jaecies: ty so much pathfinder!


Pathfinder Linden: oh, my bookmarks...yeah


Pathfinder Linden:


Ignatius Onomatopoeia:


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL


Pathfinder Linden: we are sharing a brain, it seems. :P


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: poor you :)


hop Haystack: yes it looks like...brainsharing :-)


Pathfinder Linden: one general point I'd like to make about education was touched on in the discussion earlier


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: other questions for our folks before we all go drink virtual martinis?


Sheila Yoshikawa: Tuxedo asked a question


Pathfinder Linden: that is..the fact that there are so many resources available to educators in terms of *content* inworld


Sheila Yoshikawa: about what we'd see better in the next few years


Elen Rau: is there any way to see events in SL that are concurrent with conference sessions?


Tuxedo Ninetails: I have a question for the panel. What are the key areas of improvement in VW development at the moment?


Pathfinder Linden: you don't need to create everything yourself. you can leverage existing content for your own educational goals.


Sheila Yoshikawa: it seems in terms of SL teaching practice, it is exponential


Tuxedo Ninetails: What are we likely to see 'better' in the next few years?


Pathfinder Linden: for example, if you teach chemistry, you could include field trips to the American Chemical Society's region


Sheila Yoshikawa: as more and more examples exist it becomes easier to do interesting things


Sidey Myoo: thank You, and good by, great idea...


Sheila Yoshikawa: learning from others


Katherine Kessel: Can anyone tell me more about Zebra?


Zil Jewell: Thanks.


Elen Rau: yes, thanks


Pathfinder Linden: that's a key strategy for success for all educators. ok, I’m done :)


JoannaTrail Blazer: thank you Pathfinder


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Tux, did we get to your question?


Pathfinder Linden: my pleasure


Elen Rau: i think we will see better representation in SL of RL events, phenomena


Sheila Yoshikawa: no it came through


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I'll have Sheila's reply in the log


Tuxedo Ninetails: What are the key areas for development in VWs in say the next 5 years?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I'll have it online later tonight--and send the URL to the VW list


Katherine Kessel: Did anyone see the episode of ghost whisper with the avatars?


Tuxedo Ninetails: What improvements are we likely to see in that timeframe?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: and SLED


JoannaTrail Blazer: I remember during Educause last year they screened the CSI episode


Lorelei Junot: Katherine - I wish I had seen it - I saw it advertised but I did not get to see it


Sheila Yoshikawa: so I suppose i was talking about knowledge of how to use them developing, and 3d examples


JoannaTrail Blazer: that was hilarious, the CSI ep[isode]


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: good Q, Tux


Tuxedo Ninetails: Will avatars look very different?


Tuxedo Ninetails: Will movement be different?


mOOn Jaecies: suggestion out there? - I’m finding the more n ore students that i get interested, the less time i have to handhold them thru getting an account and getting oriented. Too many changes since i started - so at this point, where would be the best place for a student to get oriented? NMC doesn't seem to be as helpful from feedback i'm getting if u'r a total tech newbie.


Katherine Kessel: It was well done. I watched with my children and talked to them about VWs


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: As graphics and stability work out the balance we need here, I bet more Millennials will come in-world


Katherine Kessel: Lorelei can you tell me anything about Zebra? My college set up a sandbox for me and we have started an SL building group for the college.


Robby Kowalski: I wonder if the lack of a game goal lowers their interest?


Robby Kowalski: Millenials are very "win" oriented in their fantasy, if not in RL.


Sheila Yoshikawa: we often have to create a story for them


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Big Q my experience I have to give them one or they lose interest here


Sheila Yoshikawa: if they can't identify their own


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Sheila, is it just US "Gen Y" who are like that?


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: true for your students too?


Sheila Yoshikawa: no, I think it is similar in the UK


Lorelei Junot: My husband is like that also and he is 47


Robby Kowalski: Gen Why?


mOOn Jaecies: i give extra credit points for inSL feedback. that seems to motivate many - maybe that's the *win* kinda sorta???


Tuxedo Ninetails grins at Lorelei


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Gen Why Not? That was my demographic


Robby Kowalski: mOOn, that would do it. They love a prize.


Tuxedo Ninetails: Great idea mOOn


Sheila Yoshikawa: what's the gen that comes after millenial?


Katherine Kessel: We send our students to scholar island for orientation and we have them set that as their point of entry in SL.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Scavenger hunts to learn level-1 an 2 skills, with Linden Dollar rewards

Tuxedo Ninetails: (post millenial?)


JoannaTrail Blazer: ok folks, take care and thank you :)


Sheila Yoshikawa: might have even seen it called "virtual"


Robby Kowalski: I did some training with GenTrends, and I'll never forget him summing up Millenials by saying they like free stuff and stuff that doesn't suck.


JoannaTrail Blazer: you can contact me in world or thru - I am happy to help out other educators :)


mOOn Jaecies: I find LM's to suggest that i think r cool, but when i put up a discussion board for where they thought was cool, they r very different. then students all go to those. my generation gap still shows, even in this cutting edge I’ve brought them to! LOL


Panel begins to wrap up the session


Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, I never assume they and i will think the same things are cool


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Lorelei, Pathfinder, thank you so much :)


Tuxedo Ninetails: Yes, thanks Panelists. It was great.


Pathfinder Linden: thanks for inviting me. very interesting discussion