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Freebie Stores and a Warning About Freebies

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 14 years, 9 months ago

Your list of class landmarks will include at least three good stores for freebie or very cheap (sometimes called "dollarbie") items.  I began my second life in the Enkythings freebie store (my favorites are now Sarah Nerd and Milky 9).  In any case, it is possible, given the strong open-source and creative-commons communties in SL, to get a lot of very nice free items.


That said, freebies from random strangers may contain malicious code.  Of course, in a fake world like SL, we all take chances.  I have accepted free items from people to whom I've spoken only a few sentences.


The choice is yours. You can feel assured, however, that what you find in a freebie store will not harm your avatar's inventory or abilities.  Even a nearly newborn Pappy Enoch, shown here, found himself a first hat at Enkythings' dollar store (and they give away a few free Linden Dollars as you wander, to make it easier to buy things).


Scavenger Hunt Bonus: 50L to the first student to post to our Koinup group a snapshot in a freebie or dollarbie store and notify me.

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