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Friending Others Correctly

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 12 years, 2 months ago

NEVER walk up to an avatar and offer to "Friend" them by right-clicking on her avatar, as I am doing to the ever-short-fused Jezz Enoch.



Someone like Jezz would most likely give you some lip, or, if you were very lucky, just decline and say "GIT the Sam Hill away frum mee, yu ding-dang-dong Beatnik prevert!"  Well, she said that too...although, since this is a demo, she accepted my friendship after she hit me with the mop she's using.


The following is from a chat-transcript between me and Edith Quandry, the Eng. 103 Writing Fellow for Fall 2008.  She and I were asking about class mentor, Dianna Defiant. It's ALWAYS best to chat or IM someone before you try to friend them. In this case, I'd asked Di by IM and she said "okay, but Edith needs to talk to me once in a while or I'll forget who she is and drop her from my list." So for our class mentors or me, leave an IM with WHO you are before you offer friendship:


You: Dianna Defiant is online

You: one of our class mentors--lady from South Richmond

You: I'll IM her now

You: and give her your name

Edith Quandry: cool.

You: IMing Di now

You: she's a great person for understanding the social-gaming side of SL

You: Edith, you can offer friendship to Dianna Defiant

Edith Quandry: I will.

You: great--she says to chat with her a bit

You: she prunes her friends list frequently so that way she'll remember you :)





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