Gender or Race Switch

For this assignment, you should acquire a free skin and shape of a gender or race different from your avatar's current identity. Then you will go a few places with other avatars present to see how you are treated.  If you are griefed, just teleport back to Richmond Island.


In a project of at least 1000 words and including at least four snapshots, you will record what happened. The major claim you will discover (and reason toward) will answer this question: was your avatar treated differently from before?  If so, what was the biggest difference? If not, why do you think s/he was not treated any differently?


Hints as to how you can do change your look:



Okay, I'm another person! Now what?


You must go at least 4 places (ones you have already been or new ones) and get a picture of yourself near other avatars. Turn on the chat and IM logs when you get there (or just leave them running). Then you must complete the following tasks. By the way, do not just "poof" in and fire off the questions. Stay long enough to enter the conversation at each location.


  1. Pretend you are new to SL (not much of a stretch).  Introduce yourself to those present in chat and ask for advice about what there is to do in SL that's worthwhile
  2. Ask for advice about how to find good free items in SL
  3. Tell those present that you are doing some research on SL. Pick any topic appropriate to your final project's likely subject.  Ask for advice.