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Getting Started in SL

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 10 years, 11 months ago

A Guide for Richmond Students


Welcome to the strange land of Second Life! Your teacher, exploring and teaching with virtual worlds since 2007, will help you avoid some of the angst that this gamelike non-game creates (for some reason) in students.


One problem with any such guide is how quickly the virtual world changes; Linden Lab keeps updating the client and more. I’d no sooner put on my SL Mentor tag and done a series of snapshots of the Orientation Island experience, in all its tatty glory, when the Lindens got rid of it, deciding to have newborns rez at one of the Help Islands.


First Steps: Welcome to the Metaverse


Your Avatar, Clothing, Equipment


Leaving the Nest: Going to the Mainland


Working with Media in/about SL




Having Fun


Trouble...and Avoiding it


How to Act Like a Pro With no First Life

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