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Have a Seat

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 14 years, 9 months ago

This is a fun page to create.  Avatars often seem in constant motion, but sometimes you wish to create the illusion of just hanging out.  You just R click a ball on a bench or chair, if it has one (which means it has a custom pose) to sit. Most furniture has a "sit" option.  R click and choose "sit here" if you do not see a pose-ball.

Pappy and friends in the hobo jungle

(Pappy Enoch passes the bottle with friends in the Calleta's region's hobo jungle)


SItting also has the hidden advantage of keeping the avatar in place. Some animations that let an avatar sit or lie down still enable others to come along and give a "gentle" push.  In fact, some mean-spirited avatars enjoy pushing others into the water, off cliffs, and so on if the owner is "afk" (away from keyboard) long enough.  I and a mentor did that to a student, as he went to lunch and left his avatar at the edge of a skyscraper's roof....he bounced really well.


Lots of places in-world offer seats.  Here a colleague from George Mason named Michael and I sit in the office where I will hold my virtual office hours.



It seems more natural to conduct a meeting while sitting. Michael and I could just have easily stood on our heads or ridden a rollercoaster during our meeting, but real-world habits follow the avatar into the new place.


The eye patch?  Oh, just a whim, like so much else in SL.  I cannot show up for academic meetings in the real world in my Iggy Pop T shirt and an eyepatch!


Scavenger-hunt challenge: 100L of the first person to find this location, sit in this chair, and get a snapshot posted to our Koinup group (and e-mail me to let me know).


Tooters Office


Hint: use the search tool and put "Tooter" into the classified tab.


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