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How to Dance

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 14 years, 9 months ago

I begin with this because SL is unique, in "gaming," by having more attention paid to socializing by dancing than it does to weapons and killing. Dancing is a great way to begin to get involved in a wholesome part of SL's social scene.  And dancing comes in many forms.


Pose Balls: These can provide quite realistic dance-moves. Here class mentor Dianna Defiant and I try out some virtual salsa moves  (I actually know this one in real life). To use any pose-ball, just right-click it and select "sit here" or "dance" or whatever movement option appears.  You will find several pose balls for dancing in the jazz-club on Richmond Island.












Clubs' Dance Balls: this series of pictures shows me and class "mentor" Pappy Enoch's hillbilly sister, Jezzabel, getting ready to dance.


Step 1: Look  for a synchronized dance-ball that hangs over the dancefloor:



Step 2: Click the thing!  The red ball, to the right, is a "sploder" (a type of game like an office pool--everyone puts in a little money and then it pays out randomly).  Here goes Iggy (class mentor Di, an expert dancer, says "just click" without choosing "touch"):



Step 3: When the box asks if it can animate your avatar, click "yes" and you will be dancing with everyone else in the club!



Scavenger Hunt Bonus: 50L to the first student to post to Koinup a snapshot of his or her avatar dancing and notify me by e-mail.



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