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Perhaps the most important aspect of an avatar is his or her inventory. It is where all the avatar's items "live." Back-up outside of SL is a hot-topic issue. It is still not possible.  So be careful; once items are put into th SL trash and the an gets emptied, they are gone forever.


That's right; unlike the Library, the Inventory is a dynamic set of folders and items.  It gets invoked just like the Libarary, by clicking the "Inventory" button in the lower-right of the client window.


Keep in mind that the search feature in this window will go after inventory and library.


I wish that inventory were easier to use. It's a weak link in SL. In fact, misplaced and accidentally deleted objects are common. 


Into the Trash-Can:


Keep in mind that many items cannot be copied, so when you right-click on an inventory item, be very careful before clicking "delete." Luckily, when an item is deleted it does not vanish until the trash can is emptied.  Here, Jezz Enoch has decided that her brother's calling card needs to go into the gabage.


She right-clicks, chooses "delete" and watches with glee as the calling card goes into the trash.


Then, to be sure it's gone forever, she right-clicks the trash-can icon:


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