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Koinup Advice

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 14 years, 8 months ago

Koinup provides you with a spot for photos about games and virtual worlds. You should NOT post real-life pictures to Koinup; they will be deleted by an administrator.


After you set up an account, you can embed code from every photo into a Web page, wiki, or blog.


Must-dos: TITLE it, TAG it, then share it.


  • JPG format photos are best. They are small and upload easily
  • Give every photo a title so visually impaired readers can recognize the image with screen-reading software
  • Tag photos with eng103 and other one-word tags so searchers can find them easily.


Example: I took this photo as one of you finished your orientation meeting with me and we did some sky-diving.




 To upload to Koinup, here's how I did it for this image:


  • Log in to your account and choose the "upload" option at the top of the page:



  • Select the correct "world" for your project (SL, Open Sim, or "other" for a shot from Metaplace if you explore it later)
  • Pick "Pictures" from the three choices:


  • Click "add files" and find the photo(s) on your hard drive and then click the "upload works" button to upload:


  • Tag them with one-word tags. This one got "iggy" and "richmond" and "eng103" since it is about our class. Add a title and description as well:


  • My driving photos usually get "roadtrip" too. You can invent the tags you need. Tags help viewers find and sort through the millions of images at a photo site.  The enable groups collaborating to mark their work for searches
  • Add it to our Course Group in Koinup (click the "add my works" that shows above the current photos, then pick the photo(s) you wish to add.


How to embed the photos in a wiki page, how I did it for this image:


  • Go to a photo you wish to embed and click the "share" option on the right:



  • (To embed in this Wiki): click the "copy" button below the names of the blogs and social networks:


  • Go to your wiki page and click the edit tab, then...click the little "source" button on the page:


  • You will see a MESS, but never fear. Just go to the top of the code and paste in the code you copied, then click the "source" button again.
  • Drag your photo to where you would like it on the page, and you can resize it by clicking and dragging the photo-corners.


To Post to Blogspot:


  • IGNORE the little "blogger" icon that appears under "share this." I found it did not help me post the photo. If some genius among you figures out how to make that work, I'd love to know
  • Instead, follow the steps above until you get to the part about the wiki. THEN

  • Log in to your blog and write up your post
  • Click the "Edit HTML" tab while editing, and then paste in the Koinup code you grabbed:



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