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Linden Lab provides every avatar with a free library of equipment, hair, skins, and shapes. It's powerful, and it's overlooked by many residents.  It's possible, as your professor did, to build a house with just the textures in his library, plus the shapes from the default building tools in SL.  He did have to buy some furniture...and ask advice from a friend who is an experienced builder.  But everything for the house itself was in the library's collection of textures (image files used to customize objects in SL).


In addition to the library, all avatars get a working inventory of items to which they may add and subtract items.


How do you get to your library?  And how to search it? Simply click the "Inventory" box on the bottom right of your client window. Inventory & Library will pop up for you.


The small arrows to the L of each folder indicate that there is content inside. Click them to have the folder open.  A wealth of goodies awaits.


Want you change your gender, smarty-pants? It's in your Library folder.  And best of all, unlike your inventory folder, if you are a clod you cannot delete these items. They are with you in perpetuity.


You can use the search feature in this small window to find missing items. Iggy can never reall exactly where he stashes a cool tophat he owns.  He knows that the search term "hat" won't help, because "hat" is, oddly, not part of the object's name.  But he knows that it's from an entire outfit with "noir" in the name.  When he puts "noir" into the text field, and up comes his fake hat.  In this case, "enter" is not needed to narrow a search.


The help page on using your inventory will explore these possibilities in more detail.

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