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It will happen at some point. Every time I teach with SL, and whenever I go to work on Orientation Island, I get this cry for help: "I'm naked! Where are my clothes! Help!"


You will either accidentally remove all of your clothes or, for some reason, you will have them on and, while others will see your avatar fully clothed, on your screen you will see yourself buck naked.


If others see you nude, you may be banned from a region.  So if you remove your clothes by accident, go into your Inventory's clothing folder and put something on, quickly.


Sometimes avatars just stand around and change their clothes in public. That's something newcomers are more likely to do, and it sets you up for some kidding by experienced residents. Go to a private place to change!


Warning: SL avatars do not have genitals unless they are purchased separately.  If you see a nude male avatar with "equipment," it's not an accident.  Unless you have stumbled into an adult nightclub or nude beach, it's not appropriate behavior and I recommend leaving the area.  Mr. Studly may be a griefer.


If you but not others see you as nude, you'll have to do a bit of SL magic, in this case "rebaking" your avatar's textures. It's rather like refreshing the page on a Web browser, and it can make clothing appear and resolve a problem that makes your avatar look like "newsprint" all over or appear gray.


How to do that

  • Open the "advanced" menu by selecting: (Windows System) Ctrl-Alt-D; (Mac) Opt-Ctrl-D
  • Select the "character" and "rebake textures" as shown here:



Final advice from an expert of bad behavior, Pappy Enoch:


WUN) if'n you ends up nekkid du, corn-tack me for an empty bar'l tu ware. If'n that am good enuf fo' Orhalla Zander, the Hobo King, I reckon it are good enuf for you!

TU) "naked" n' "nekkid" am tu differunt thangs.  "Nekkid" means somebody ain't got no clothes AND am up tu sum'fin.  Don't go a-doin' that in Secund Life.  The fake wirld gots enuf preverts alreddy.

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