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One on One Meetings

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 11 years ago

All meetings will take place at my office, Weinstein 408.  


Note that I've moved the blog post on avatar choice back a bit; there are not enough good hours in the week to have met all of you by the original due-date for that post.


Bring your  laptop if you plan to use one for your work in Second Life.  Here's the schedule for meetings. Click on the online poll to sign up for ONE time.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-11am 9-10am 10-11am 9-10am 10-11am
11-12noon 10-11am 11-12noon 10-11am 11-12noon
 3-4pm 11-12noon 3-4pm 11-12noon 2-3pm
  1-2pm   1-2pm 3-4pm


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