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Open that Box

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 14 years, 9 months ago

Vendors box items to save you trouble. Many sales items contain multiple parts or versions, so putting them into a box helps everything arrive in one place at one time.


You may not be able to open the box, however, at all places. You'll know that if, at the top of your Second Life window, you see a little box-icon with a "not" symbol beside it:


You cannot "rez" an item from your inventory (pull it onto the ground) in order to open it.


On Richmond Island you should be able to open boxes. Try the spot just to the left of Pappy Enoch's Junkyard. You can also do so at many freebie stores, as shown here. Jezz Enoch went to the Milky 9 freebie store (in your student landmarks) to pick up a free set of facial expressions, just so she could stick our her tongue at her brother, Pappy.


Scavenger hunt prize: 100L to the first person to:

  • go to a store and take a snapshot of him or herself in front of an item for sale
  • get a second picture opening the box
  • get a third picture wearing / using the new item
  • post these to our Koinup group and notify me by e-mail.


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