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Other Ideas

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Making money does not mean becoming a "camping zombie" for hours on end.  And no one gets rich camping or trying the tips show on this page.  Some business owners (like Janie Marlowe) and land-barons (like  Anshe Chung) have either made comfortable livings or gotten rich in SL.  That's harder to do now.  These tips will give your avatar a little spending money for items to make SL more interesting.


Fall 2008 class Mentor Cynthia Barley sends this bit of advice: "SLP has an interesting page on how to earn money" at http://www.slprofiles.com/earnlindendollars.asp


Newcomers, in particular, will find a series of treasure hunts, money trees, and small rewards tailored to the new avatar. Here, Jezz has stumbled across a dollar-dispenser while camping.


One click and she got 1L (not one US dollar). Then the dollar-dispenser vanished and moved...to encourage avatars to move around. At popular spots, this prevents "lag" that slows down all the fun.


To make the short assignments more interesting, your professor will structure some as "scavenger hunts" and provide cash rewards for those getting him a snapshot or other information.


Lucky Chairs:

They dispense free items (as shown here) or Lindens.  Pay-outs usually run 5L or less--and there are avatars who spend hours playing a scavenger-hunt game of teleporting from one lucky chair to another to earn money and free items.

All Lucky Chairs give their rewards if, and only if, the avatar who sits in it has a name beginnning with the letter that the chair displays. These letters change at set intervals.  So if you are "Zebulon Enoch" and don't see a "Z" on that chair, wait around.  It may come up soon!


A Word on Gambling:

Some time back, Linden Lab sought legal advice from the FBI concerning a thriving industry in-world: online gambling.  The company shut down all the casinos thereafter.  Next a new type of gaming has emerged, both Zyngo (a bingo-style game) and Casinos that use a poker-chip system that can be cashed in for Linden Dollars.


Zyngo remains legal, as far as I know.  Other systems for wagering have been outlawed; a few remain underground and I do not think it wise for you to use them. I do not encourage wagering, but you should know what they are if you see a casino or Zyngo-game.

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