Project Two: Marketing Analysis


When I first began to explore SL in 2007, there was a bit of a "gold rush" by real-life companies there, and it turned out to be fool's gold, mostly. Companies like American Apparel, Pontiac, and Scion found there was little return on investment for showing their wares or making copies for avatars.  Still, other companies stuck around, with projects like those at Dell's site (where you can explore the interior of a computer).  Other firms use SL for what it does best: provide a meeting space that seems more intuitive than video conferencing.  IBM continues to invest heavily in SL for this reason.


Your Goals:


Each group will be assigned two companies: in two cases, one of the firms does business in SL and outside it, while the other provides virtual goods or services only in the virtual world.  You can visit the sites with a click below (if you have SL open).  I'm only giving Web pages for companies' work in SL. Obviously, Dell and IBM have giant Web presences for their real-world services and products.  While that information may provide some company background, it does not necessarily help you to see what they are doing in SL.  You will do  research on the real-life company's current ideas and marketing using UR's library databases. 


Group 1 (Technology): Dominus Motor CompanyDell Computer (check Dell's site on their SL project as well)


Group 2 (Technology Services): IBM (also visit their Web site for SL projects) and Rezzable's Greenies (also visit their Web page)


Group 3 (Lifestyle--both have no "real world presence"): Bliss Garden Center (landscaping and design) and Mischief (clothing).  Note that Janie Marlowe runs a men's shop too--you'll find a way to visit it just outside the ladies' shop).


Each group will divide up the three tasks below. Share information you find with your entire group; each of these tasks can overlap another:



Each writer's project must:


Final Advice to Avoid Panic:

Never fear if you find nothing about an SL-only company in the library's databases. For instance, a paper from group 1 might use materials about Scion to consider how its marketing differents from the empirical & anecdotal evidence (see WA pages 117-118) you find at Dominus' location in-world.