Saving Isis

The South Wall


By the time you have gotten to this assignment, you should have taken the "grand tour" of the Virtual Experience site about King Tut. On my first tour, when the entire project was quite new, I was taken by the South Wall of the young king's tomb. It was an immersive moment; I felt that I was as close to the actual site in Egypt as I'd ever get.


Anubis (on L in image) and Hathor (on R) greet Tut as he enters the other world, but Howard Carter had to destroy a figure of the goddess Isis as he and this team made their way into the tomb. This struck me as a tragedy that might have been avoided.


Of course, Carter was using 1922 technology. Don't you think you could do better?


Your Goals:

Balloon Ride to Valley of the ...


Once you arrive, take time to explore the area in detail. Then your team should:



I will ask Jon Himoff of Rezzable, as well as a panel of readers, to vote on the most clever solution with commentary on your wiki posts.


Each individual writer's project must:


Room of Swag

"Look at all these cool things! Which one will I put in my UR office?"


Starting your Research: