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Search Tool

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Perhaps the most advanced (and maligned) feature of Second Life. Pairing this with teleportation makes for an amazing and often otherworldly experience. You want it?  Search for it.  But unlike the "flat" Web, in SL you GO to the place or service or product and can examine it in 3D.


Caveat: there is no "word-string search" feature. You will need to wade through a pile of results.  This fall, residents can also filter out many results by checking PG or Mature in the search engine.  This does not always work!  You cannot search for "adult" flagged content until you verify your age and have visited the adult continent in SL. You will not be asked to look at adult content in this course. It will crop up accidentally, as you explore.


Search begins with the small button near the middle on the bottom of your client's screen. It opens a window with a row of tabs.  To the left is "all," the default choice. Putting a keyword into this field of the search engine will provide a perhaps-overwhelming number of matches (47 alone for the term "hillbilly"):



So let's focus, in our attempt to find one hillbilly, on that least helpful of our mentors, Pappy Enoch. He makes camp on Richmond Island. Clicking on the "Places" tab and putting in "Richmond" yields one hit: our virtual campus. Alas, I see nothing about our campus' resident hillbillies in the jaunty advert below (ahem--fix the misspelling, Island Manager!):



Putting Richmond aside for a second, consider the "Showcase" tab. This, as of Fall 2008, is a relatively new feature.  It gives a snapshot of well designed popular places in-world.  Mere traffic to a site does not earn it a place in Showcase. Linden Lab promises that only the finest spots will appear in this part of the search-engine.  It may provide a good springboard for exploration as you get to know the metaverse better:



You can get a sense of the variety of subcultures (not all of them savory) with the groups tab.  Here's an example under the term "hot rod." It gives some sense of the car-modders and crazy drivers who use SL's building tools to make vehicles that are, like real-life hot-rods, custom made to the nth degree. I have been smoked by them at SL's race-tracks.


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