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For every assignment in the class, you will be required to document your work with snapshots. I will grade you down if you merely do screen-captures. The snapshot tool in SL is a powerful way to document your experience and be creative as you explore the metaverse.


NOTE: Some avatars get cranky fast at public events when you take snapshots because the "snapshot sound" can mute music or a speaker. Torley Linden provides advice at the Linden Lab wiki on taking quiet snapshots.


Beginning is easy. Simply line up the shot you want with the camera controls, then:

  • click the "snapshot" button at the bottom of your Second Life screen.
  • You will see a pop-up window (shown upper L) that lets you decide how to handle a snapshot.
  • I prefer to save them to my hard drive (select the radio button and click "save").  Put them where you won't lose them!  You should name the snaps, or they'll have a name like snapshot_001.jpg.  Good luck sorting them out later. 
  • You can also send them to yourself as a "postcard," in the form of an attachment to an e-mail message.  Try both and see which you prefer.
  • The "upload a snapshot" option is not one you'll likely use. It enables you to create a snap that cannot be modified.  Photographers often use this when the make "action" photos (no modifications) for photo-contests in SL.



NOTES: I've never figured out a way around this issue, but your snaps will take that name for the entire time you are logged into SL.  So if choose the file name "airship" for this shot and three snaps, I'll get airship_001.jpg, airship_002.jpg, and airship_003.jpg on my hard drive.

Be sure that your computer is saving the images as .png or .jpg files; older SL software saved the files as GIANT bitmap (.bmp) files and I don't think you can upload them to Koinup.


Note the next snapshot shows the interface. This is great when you are wanting to design tutorials for show how things are done "behind the scenes" in-world. To enable this feature, just click the checkbox that says "show interface in snapshot."


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