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Using your camera

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 10 years, 9 months ago

The avatar's camera will be very important for your work in Eng. 103. If you just take screen captures for your projects, expect a lower grade.  I want all of you to get practice doing a bit of in-world phtography.


Thanks to Terran Timeless, I learned about this how-to video.


YouTube plugin error


This video focuses on mouse-movement. I like a little camera control-panel you can pull down from SL's view menu.  When it appears, use the mouse button to click the tilt and movement controls (follow the arrows to go in the direction you wish).  You can also zoom in and out with the center control by selecting the + and - on the scale.



Here is a very cool "advanced" camera trick. You can make your camera move a lot further from your avatar's position by choosing "disable camera constraints" from the advanced menu. You invoke the advanced menu by pressing, at the same time: (Windows) Cntrl + Alt + D (Mac) Cntrl + Option + D.


Note that one option is "Quiet Snapshot to Disk." If you click this, an X will appear and it will remain selected when you log out.  Then you can avoid the annoying snap-picture animation and sound.



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