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Writing Diagnostic

Page history last edited by Joe Essid 11 years ago

This assignment gives me a sense of your:


  • Ability to admit bias about a claim and consider what you'd need to do to explore the issue.
  • Take a look at your command of sentence-and-paragraph level writing ability.


It's a low stakes task (5%) but it's incredibly dangerous. I say that because you could easily fall into "rant and rave" mode about this topic.


So, for that reason (let's not hang our dirty laundry out and look dumb before an online audience) this project is for your and my eyes only.  You are to type it in Word, double-spaced with your name on it, and give me a printed copy.




Read "90 Day Jane" (a copy of some entries from the original blog), and the revelations about the hoax. Begin with a claim: Admit your "gut feeling" about what "Jane" did. Is it art? Cruel hoax? Grab for celebrity? Something else? Briefly, why do you feel that way? 


Now you know your bias. That counts for "zip" with academic readers.


In 1000 words (about three pages, double-spaced), explore what other information you'd need to gather to write a convincing project at the college level about this woman's act.  As you consider what you'd need to learn and research, consider carefully the sorts of traps that might await you. 


Support your answer with detailed reasoning, not generalizations. I look forward to reading your work!

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