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Writing Workshop

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First, Freewrite in your journal:


  • Prompt: "If I had to turn in my topic for the final project right now, I'd focus on..."
  • Then, after 5 minutes: Switch journal with person next to you.
  • Reader's tasks: 
  • 1) Add notes for that writer such as what you already know about their topic. 
  • 2) Check Hjortshoj pp. 175-176. What could be possible "viewpoints" of this topic? 
  • 3) What else would you want to know, if you read this writer's final project?


Next, check your group members' work (wikis or blogs) and leave commentary online:


  • Have the writers "cut the fat" using the strategies from Writing Analytically, pp. 298-304?  In particular, have they limited the use of "is/are/was/were" in favor of active voice and action verbs?
  • Have the writers supported every major claim?
  • Do any paragraphs have odd breaks, lack white space, or look ugly on the screen? Does every wiki page have a "back home" link?
  • Does the introduction of each piece, wiki or blog, provide its focus? If the piece needs to make a governing claim, can you find it? 
  • If the piece is a blog, does it have a good "hook" right up front? Note how I do that in this post on laptops and SL.
  • Do the writers state the significance of both Baron's source and one of the sources found there?
  • Are any photos just "dropped in" or have the writers discussed them properly in the text?
  • Do you find any neglected details from the assignment sheet?
  • Have you read all the work aloud as a final check?


Handy Links from Writer's Web and me to help you:



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